About Us

Who We Are and Our Mission

The Huguenot Street Cooperative Nursery School is a non-profit, non-sectarian school for children ages two though five. The nursery school is a cooperative school in which the parents share in the responsibilities of ownership by contributing time, knowledge, and experience to the program and by helping the nursery meet its expenses through a tuition fee.

The goal of our program is the enrichment of each child’s preschool experience through the development of self-expression and motor skills, and through the encouragement of good habits like sharing, listening, and cooperating with others.

As a cooperative nursery, the school is committed to the concept that by actively participating in the classroom, the parent experiences the mental, social and emotional development of his or her child and that this mutual experience contributes significantly to the growth of the child, of their own family life, and of the schools.

Our program is varied, flexible, and informal which allow time for both individual exploration and for group experience. The growing child needs some direction, some guidance and LOTS of LOVE. We feel that the merger of parent and teacher attains this.


The Huguenot Street Cooperative Nursery School was founded in 1958.

The Nursery School is located in the historical Huguenot Village in New Paltz.


A 13 member Board of Trustees composed of parents and members of the community direct the school. Since the parents make up the majority of the membership, they are most important to the nursery’s functioning. There are monthly meetings held for both parents and board members.